Top Ten tips for Photographing Babies

In the creative world of photography there are various subjects on which you can focus for photography like flowers, sports, landscape , close –up etc. all these subjects are amazing and exciting , you can enjoy your work full. But the most unique subject for photography is babies. For this subject you require a lot of patience and care, as babies get tired soon and most of times they cry.

In other subjects photographer controls the shoot, but in case of babies they controls the shoot and it is the duty of the photographer to take beautiful baby picture. Even if you are not professional photographer, then also you can make it your cup of tea for capturing beautiful and amazing moments of your child.

For creating good picture of your babies you need to follow some tips. Here are some top ten tips –

Tip 1- Take pictures frequently

Babies change so rapidly, thus make sure to catch all the fabulous moments of your child like first smile, first bath, first tooth, first step etc. for creating good pictures you can tack your child for one full day and get series of memorable photos.

Tip 2- capture feelings

Babies are natural and free, thus you can capture all the feelings like their grin, frown, wail etc. Their mood changes so fast that you get a lot of good pictures in row.

Tip3-Get close

You must try to be friendly with the child and get close to him. You can use zoom option to get close up of the baby, as big lens and camera may frighten him.

Tip 4- Try different angles

You can try various angles to shoot the baby. Shoot at baby’s eye level or place him on someone’s shoulder. You can even shoot down at the baby in the crib by standing on the chair or line-up several babies on a sofa. Thus by trying these different angles you can get great shots.


Tip 4- Include other people in pictures

You can click a great shot by including others with babies like big sister or mother feeding the baby, grandfather or grandmother playing with the baby. You can even include two babies and capture their reactions towards each other.

Tip 5-Use a simple background

The back ground must be clean so that attention is focused on the baby. It creates good and clear picture. You can use white or black background; it doesn’t have to expensive or professional. You can simply use white bed sheet or black blanket.

Tip 6- Use natural light

You can go outside or open windows to get best picture. The natural light produce a good photo and is far more better then the flash of camera. On the overcast day the soft light flatters faces gives good results. Even inside the room you can open window and use natural light for shoot

Tip 7- experiment with colors

You can experiment with colors to generate nice pictures. If don’t want all the pictures to be in black and white then use different colors. Color photos look s great and more attractive.

Tip 8 – editing is the key

You can use editing for unwanted things in the photograph. For instance, if there is extra redness on the baby’s cheek or small scratch then use editing. Smooth picture with an airbrush or with Photoshop. This helps you to make good portfolio of your baby.

Tip 9- Notice activities

In this age whatever babies do is interesting. Thus notice each and every movement of the baby. Even the tiniest movement can give a nice shot.  For instance baby holding his or her mother’s finger, baby in the middle of the yawn etc. all these moments can give great memories to cherish in future.

Tip 10-utilize humor

It will be also a great fun to use funny props with the baby like baby wearing adult hat or giving some expression which is not expected from him or her.

So you can surprise everyone by taking some amazing photographs of your child and cherish the moments in future.