Fireworks Photography Tips

Firework photography is  very challenging.Just by adopting simple rules you can overcome the difficulties in firework photography. Here are some guidelines which will help you in this field. Go grab it!


Explosion happens just for a second or so and you don’t have the time even to blink your eyes. So it is very important to lock your camera as you can’t afford to miss out even a single ray of the explosion. To capture those sharp images,it is important to crown the tripod with a camera. The head of tripod should be loose so that you can do the movement of you camera easily. in short, tripods give stability to your camera which is very important for firework photography.


Pack your bag well before leaving. Empty memory cards, fully charged batteries,a small flashlight are some of the stuff which must be there in your camera bag. Believe me you will need them all!

Arrive early

Early birds win prize. It might sound like an offer at some stores. But believe me aariving early at the  location really works.its better to find the right place for your shoot, make adjustments with you camera settings before the get stuck in the crowd. It is advisable to choose a location  which is bit higher than the action location so that you don’t end up seeing the fireworks above you. You can choose a rooftop, a balcony, a bridge, a nearby building etc.

Spice up your photo

When shooting fireworks don’t just shoot the fireworks include some people, bridge or anything interesting in and around the location. Believe me this will add spice to your photos.try and capture the expressions of the people and children around watching the fireworks.  it will add a lot of astuteness to your images.

Flash off

Flash function in firework photography is a big NO! it is a myth that flash help in fireworks photography.but it is not so. Always keep the flash turned off in fireworks photography. Using a flash can end up producing over illuminated and unbaffled looking pictures. However you can use flash to piddle the spectators.

Set it right

Before hitting the location be sure that your camera is properly set up and prepared to go. Setting the camera in an automatic mode won’t work. You need to set in the manual mode and make adjustments with aperture,shutter speed, focusing , flash etc.

Shoot it up at the right time

Fireworks in something you can’t predict about. You never know  where and when it shows. You might not be lucky enough to get those perfect pictures. But you can try your luck . So be sure to use the self-timer function. It will help you to capture number of images in one go and you might end up being the luckiest person to get those shots right in your pocket!

Keep yourself going

Play with your camera. Take as much as scenes you can. A digital camera allows you to experiment again and again without hindering your pocket. It is rightly said you get best out of the waste, so you never know when and how he worst pictures you clicked turn out to be the best with some settings.

Keep distance

Needless to mention that you keep yourself at a reasonable distance from the fireworks. Some people are so passionate that they get so close to the fireworks that they end up not only losing their equipments but take a chance of their lives too.

Tips for Flowers Photography

Flowers- a wonderful gift of nature!  All vibrant colors, shapes, size can be found in flowers. Flowers are the sign of beauty with lovely aroma in it. Capturing flowers is an art. You can use beautiful flower pictures for different purposes. You use it as beautiful wall hanging, use in websites, blogs etc. one tip- use it as your desktop background in your PC to uplift your mood. It will work! Presenting some useful tips to capture this gift of god into your camera so that u can cherish them ever and ever after.


Step down

Treat flowers as children. Just as we step down to the level of children to photograph them similarly we do it for flowers. Very often, it is seen that people look at flowers from above but that doesn’t really help them to excel in this field. So step down to see the difference.

Time to hit!

It is generally believed that there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. But wait! Flowers are the one of the beautiful gift of nature, so let the nature be at its best to shoot the flowers. The best day to shoot flowers is on a cloudy day. However, early mornings and early evenings are very good to click these beautiful creations. You can also try and shoot flowers at night by using different light generator. Aviod shooting during the midday when the sun is at its peak as it can overexpose your photo.

A tripod again!

Well you should carry a tripod if you are serious enough in taking those sharp images. Images of flowers can be obscured by even the slenderest movement of a hand held camera. Thus, for better results use a tripod. However alterations have to make in positioning and setting angles of the same. But to master this art you need to take the closest view of the same which can be possible by using a tripod.

Background matters.

An important feature in flower photography is its background. It is generally said choose your background first and foreground later. Choose a clean background and try to avoid white and bright yellows in backgrounds. Neutral colors and simple line in the background really works. Before presenting your photographs keep in mind it background matters a lot!

Light factor.

Light rules the game. Light has four properties. The tone, color, chroma and focus. The quality of the light can be hard or soft. The color sets up the humor of an image. Chrome is the volume of the color. To get wonderful pictures of flowers disseminate light option settings.


An eternal problem in flower photography is wind. It is natural cataclysm which can’t be derogated. All we can do is put some object in and around the subject to stop its movement or simply wait for the pause in the wind. Tying something static to the stem of a flower can be of help too.

Top Ten tips for Photographing Babies

In the creative world of photography there are various subjects on which you can focus for photography like flowers, sports, landscape , close –up etc. all these subjects are amazing and exciting , you can enjoy your work full. But the most unique subject for photography is babies. For this subject you require a lot of patience and care, as babies get tired soon and most of times they cry.

In other subjects photographer controls the shoot, but in case of babies they controls the shoot and it is the duty of the photographer to take beautiful baby picture. Even if you are not professional photographer, then also you can make it your cup of tea for capturing beautiful and amazing moments of your child.

For creating good picture of your babies you need to follow some tips. Here are some top ten tips –

Tip 1- Take pictures frequently

Babies change so rapidly, thus make sure to catch all the fabulous moments of your child like first smile, first bath, first tooth, first step etc. for creating good pictures you can tack your child for one full day and get series of memorable photos.

Tip 2- capture feelings

Babies are natural and free, thus you can capture all the feelings like their grin, frown, wail etc. Their mood changes so fast that you get a lot of good pictures in row.

Tip3-Get close

You must try to be friendly with the child and get close to him. You can use zoom option to get close up of the baby, as big lens and camera may frighten him.

Tip 4- Try different angles

You can try various angles to shoot the baby. Shoot at baby’s eye level or place him on someone’s shoulder. You can even shoot down at the baby in the crib by standing on the chair or line-up several babies on a sofa. Thus by trying these different angles you can get great shots.


Tip 4- Include other people in pictures

You can click a great shot by including others with babies like big sister or mother feeding the baby, grandfather or grandmother playing with the baby. You can even include two babies and capture their reactions towards each other.

Tip 5-Use a simple background

The back ground must be clean so that attention is focused on the baby. It creates good and clear picture. You can use white or black background; it doesn’t have to expensive or professional. You can simply use white bed sheet or black blanket.

Tip 6- Use natural light

You can go outside or open windows to get best picture. The natural light produce a good photo and is far more better then the flash of camera. On the overcast day the soft light flatters faces gives good results. Even inside the room you can open window and use natural light for shoot

Tip 7- experiment with colors

You can experiment with colors to generate nice pictures. If don’t want all the pictures to be in black and white then use different colors. Color photos look s great and more attractive.

Tip 8 – editing is the key

You can use editing for unwanted things in the photograph. For instance, if there is extra redness on the baby’s cheek or small scratch then use editing. Smooth picture with an airbrush or with Photoshop. This helps you to make good portfolio of your baby.

Tip 9- Notice activities

In this age whatever babies do is interesting. Thus notice each and every movement of the baby. Even the tiniest movement can give a nice shot.  For instance baby holding his or her mother’s finger, baby in the middle of the yawn etc. all these moments can give great memories to cherish in future.

Tip 10-utilize humor

It will be also a great fun to use funny props with the baby like baby wearing adult hat or giving some expression which is not expected from him or her.

So you can surprise everyone by taking some amazing photographs of your child and cherish the moments in future.

Tips to Photograph Flowers

Photography is the hobby of millions of people and there are various subjects that you can use for photography. The most charming and creative subject on which most people enjoy photography are flowers. There are verities of beautiful and charming flowers which can attract you anytime and provoke you for photography. Flowers whether in a garden or in your vase, appeal everyone with its color and lovely shapes. By clicking photograph you can capture the flowers beauty is at peak. Sometimes even buds make a good photo.

For creating a good click you can use the software or Photoshop.  If some petals of the flower are damaged then at that time these tools are helpful. But in case you don’t have such tools, then make sure that the damaged petals and small insects are removed. You can take some spectacular and amazing photograph by just keeping some tips in your mind.

Here some tips to help you in making your flower pictures more charming and charismatic-

Tip 1-Use of simple background-

Before taking a picture, make sure that the background is plain or non- competing back ground. You can also place a black card board or pleasing colored card board behind the flower. Simple background is used so that your flower do not get overshadow.

Tip 2- Get close

You must use close-up focusing mode to get close up and clear picture. In digital camera you can use display screen to create the picture. For devoted and committed photographers accessory close-up is obligatory. It helps you to take good and attractive picture. If you have software to crop the photograph then can use it to create a nice picture.

Tip 3- Shoot at different angles

You must shoot from different angles, as for creating attractive pattern of daises you must shoot down. You should kneel down to the level of flower and can make good click of flowers like tulip and daffodils.

Tip 4-Use creative lighting

You need good light to create good picture of flower. The flash of the camera won’t project the flower well. So you need some backlighting shining through flowers. It gives an appealing glow to the flower.

Tip 5 -Control the wind

Wind can flip your flowers like tulip. Thus in this case bring the flower inside and put it in vase and place it near the window. You can use the card board to block the wind. Click the photograph form such angle that it does not come in the photograph or use colored card board. It can serve as back ground.

Tip 6- water droplets

Water drops on the petals of the flower are an amazing addition. It reflects light and other images. You can also use small spray bottle for creating droplets. But, make sure that you and your camera is not visible in the droplets.

Tip 7- insects

You can also add bugs like bees etc on flowers to create a charming picture. It adds life to the flower and dimension of motion.

There are plenty of tips to photograph the flowers which can be used for creating magnificent photographs.  By using all these tips you can produce some wonderful picture of flowers and can show it your friends and relatives.

Photography tips for firework- Take some magnificent shots

Fireworks are used to celebrate various occasions like wedding, New Year or some other event. It is a nice and different way to show your merriment. There are many people who want to take picture of firework so that they can cherish the memories in future. Taking picture of firework is not any easy task but you can do it by just following few tips. So here are some of the tips for photographing firework-

Tip 1 – Use tripod

You require two important parts to carry for the shoot of fireworks. The first one is solid tripod. It helps you to steady your camera and take a good shot. Manfrotto 055XPROB provide very good feature of professional expensive model in lower price.

Tip-2 remote

You may require remote for you camera model. It helps you to trigger your camera shutter without touching it. It is helpful when you are shooting at night sky and you have to open shutter for several seconds thus in situation you can use remote without touching the camera.

Tip-3 Do not use flash

While photographing fireworks you don’t have to use flash. It does not help to capture fireworks at distance. Flash is used to light the subject but in firework it is not required.

Tip-4 Site Scouting

It is also one of the most useful for capturing firework display. You must find out the location that has a direct line of sight to where the fire work will be displayed and avoid obstruction. You also add extra elements to your work of art, as firework display is sometime help over a lake so you can catch the reflection on the water. This will help you to take a good picture.

Tip -5 set to manual setting

It is a special kind of photography and you have to get in the manual world. You need to take care to lens focus and exposure. You must adjust the focus to the infinity.

Tip-6 Showtime

This is the key feature of capturing great images of exciting firework display. Use camera remote while taking picture, it will help you to take some fantastic photos without any faults. You must leave the shutter open for too long.

Tip-7 use manual exposure

You must try few shots first as show begins then judge your photos and adjust the exposure. The sky must appear dark and colors to be saturated and too exposed. You must start your exposure just before the explosion and keep it open till the colors fade.

Tip-8 shot lots of variety

You must tray lots of shots by zooming in and out. Shoot vertical or horizontal pictures also. You can also move to different points so that you get different perspective.

Tip-9 Enjoy!

Last but not the least! You must enjoy the show while taking photos because you are there to have a good time and some capture some good work.

It is a great fun of taking picture of firework. It takes little time and practice to capture good photographs, so follow the tips for capturing some mesmerizing pictures.

Perfume by Calvin Klein – CK One

Perfume: a distinctive odor that is pleasant. Perfume has become very popular among the masses. It is become an everyday wear. People use perfume in the same manner as they use their comb, lotion or any other accessory. Perfumes reflect your personality. So let’s discuss a brand which has given a number of perfumes in various parts of the countries. Calvin Klein is a well-known brand in the field of perfumes.

Calvin Klein is an established brand in selling perfumes all over the world. “CK” is an icon that it has made for itself.  Calvin Klein has entered into the market by launching many other items like clothing, watches, shoes, sunglasses etc. and theses items are doing well in the market all over. It has become successful in fetching money from the consumer’s pocket. It offers a very good quality of the products. When it comes to perfumes they been very successful in giving the pleasant smells to suit all types of personality.

Calvin Klein entered the line of perfume in 1970, and since then it has no looking back! It has become a fashion arbiter among the masses all over. Sweet-scented and mysterious would be the correct words to define the perfume of this brand. Once you wear its perfume you will tend to feel fresh the whole day and the soothing smell just cannot run out of your mind. The licensing terms and conditions of this brand are registered. The perfumes are available both for men and women. In fact, some perfumes that if offers are unisex. It adds more grace to your personality by giving that special fragrance which stays with you the whole day long.

Perfume version by Calvin Klein: Men and Women

Eternity moment perfume.

This perfume was brought into the market in the year 2004 and has become one of the best selling feminine Calvin Klein perfume since then. Evenings are the best to wear this perfume.

Truth perfume

This in another feminine perfume which is a must have for every wardrobe. Year 2000 was the year of its birth. This particular perfume is merged with fresh and natural woods. This perfume is simply an icing on the cake.

Obsession Night Perfume

Year 2005 is the year of the existence of this night perfume. Women collections can be simply crowned by this perfume. Sensuality, loveliness, luxurious is the better words to associate with this perfume.

Calvin Cologne

A very special place it has made for itself in the field of men’s perfume. This perfume is craved by every man. Spicy, princely, classy are the best word to define this particular perfume. Moreover the designing and labeling of the bottle of these perfumes are such that it becomes an eye catcher at every store. It has developed huge market all over and people are craving to get this perfume in their wardrobe. It has more than 100 outlets all over the world. So you can get any of the Calvin Klein perfume wherever you are, or else you can also go through the internet way for the same.

Paul Sebastian Cologne

Perfumes have become a reflection of one’s personality. A distinctive odor that stays with you all day long speaks a lot about you! Perfumes today have captured a huge market all over the world and you have lots of flavors to choose. Perfumes become your identity, as when you wear a perfume for long, a person can smell your fragrance even from a distance. You become so popular and at times known by the perfume you wear. Well, now to get that aura to your personality it’s very important as to which type of perfume you choose for yourself. There are a number of brands available in the market with different kinds of attractive packaging and so on. Now here we will discuss one of them. The Paul Sebastian cologne.

Year 1979 is marked as the birth of this Paul Sebastian cologne. This perfume comprises of many different types of components. It consists of spices, citrus, floral, soft woods and musk and the best part is that they all smell so natural. It has an attractive smell which catches the nose of everyone who passes the person wearing this perfume. It acts as a magnetic force to the nose. The ingredients in the scent make it extremely sensual.

One happy news about this perfume is that it is very affordable. It stands high on the lists of the favorite colognes at every store. You can grab this perfume without burdening your pocket too much. What else do you need? Go grab it today! Once you wear this perfume be sure that it will stay with you the whole day and believe me it will not part with you even at night. However, there is some cologne which might not last for long. For e.g. the Paul Sebastian knock off cologne. It is advisable not to shop for this perfume as this scent does not remain with you for long. Don’t get cheated, choose the actual cologne to have that smell the whole day. Don’t shop for substitute. They might be cheaper but they will part with you within few hours and you will not be able to carry that personality with you for long hours.

Paul Sebastian cologne is an everyday wear. It works wonders if you are wearing it when you are dressed up casually. If you have planned for a weekend with friends, wear this perfume and add that extraordinary charm to you personality. One good thing about this perfume is that you don’t have to be cautious as to whether the smell is troubling anybody’s nose in the crowd because this scent is not very strong. Once you start you day with this perfume it will give you a uniform smell the whole day anywhere and everywhere. Paul Sebastian cologne clearly stands in the men’s cue. It is however not very sensual as compared to the other perfumes but still it goes well with an evening wear. It is generally believed that women are attracted to this smell so it is must have for every men’s wardrobe. Go get one for yourself today!

Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS Lens

Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS lens is a standard prime and next generation kit lens which is specially designed for Canon EOS APS – C DSLRs cameras and features the smaller size of APS – C image circle. This Canon’s wonderful lens was introduced in 2007. The superb focal length range of 18 – 55mm is equivalent to approximately 1.6 x: 29mm – 88mm. The 18 – 55mm standard lens is ultra light weight (200 g / 7.1 oz) and compact with notable minimum focusing distance of 9.8 inches / 0.25 m. The Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS lens has Super Spectra coatings and especially shaped elements to restrain flare and ghosting caused by reflections of digital camera sensors. The front element of the lens extends and rotates throughout zooming and focusing. The lens uses AF (DC motor) to get fast, accurate and silent autofocus.

FTM (full – time manual) focusing is not possible in this camera lens but manual focusing is available with the AF / MF switch. The Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS lens presents 4 – stops IS (image stabilization) technology or sharper wide open Image Stabilization lens to correct camera shake problems. With fabulous IS technology, the lens features tripod sensor and mechanical panning detection. The lens’ closest focusing distance delivers an excellent MM (maximum magnification) of 0.34 x at 55 mm. For the high image quality and ultimate sharpness, the Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS lens provides very well optical performance. Color balance and contrast are very good with controlled vignetting and distortion level.
The Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS lens is more lighter, smaller and inexpensive than Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens. The lens features 6 aperture blades for outstanding background blur quality and provides optical construction of 9 groups including 11 elements with 1 aspherical element to correct chromatic aberration for brilliant picture quality during zooming or focusing range. The Canon’s prime standard lens has a plastic barrel and mount with a very larger and a small focus zoom ring.
Specification of Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS lens

• Name – Canon EF – S 18 – 55mm f/3.5 – 5.6 IS lens
• Releasing Date – 2007
• Camera Mount type – Canon EF – S
• Lens type – standard prime lens
• Focus details – AF (DC motor), with manual focus option
• Maximum format size – APS – C
• Features – Image stabilization, autofocus
• Focal length range – 18 – 55 mm
• APS equivalent – 1.6 x: 29 mm – 88 mm
• Image Stabilization – 4 stops
• Optional accessories – lens hood (EW – 60 C), lens case (LP 814)
• Dimensions – 2.7 inches x 2.8 inches (68.5 mm in diameter x 70 mm in length)
• Maximum aperture – f/3.5 – 5.6
• Minimum aperture – f/22 – 38
• Number of diaphragm blades – 6 (rounded)
• Lens construction – 11 elements in 9 groups, with one aspherical element
• Weight – 7.1 oz (200 g)
• AF motor type – micro motor
• Focus ring rotation – 61°
• Zoom system – rotary
• Diagonal angle of view – 74°20′ – 27°50′
• Horizontal angle of view – 64°30′ – 23°20′
• Vertical angle of view – 45°30′ – 15°40′
• Filter size – 58 mm
• Minimum focusing distance – 9.8 inches / 0.25 m