Fireworks Photography Tips

Fireworks Photography

Firework photography is  very challenging.Just by adopting simple rules you can overcome the difficulties in firework photography. Here are some guidelines which will help you in this field. Go grab it!


Explosion happens just for a second or so and you don’t have the time even to blink your eyes. So it is very important to lock your camera as you can’t afford to miss out even a single ray of the explosion. To capture those sharp images,it is important to crown the tripod with a camera. The head of tripod should be loose so that you can do the movement of you camera easily. in short, tripods give stability to your camera which is very important for firework photography.


Pack your bag well before leaving. Empty memory cards, fully charged batteries,a small flashlight are some of the stuff which must be there in your camera bag. Believe me you will need them all!

Arrive early

Early birds win prize. It might sound like an offer at some stores. But believe me aariving early at the  location really works.its better to find the right place for your shoot, make adjustments with you camera settings before the get stuck in the crowd. It is advisable to choose a location  which is bit higher than the action location so that you don’t end up seeing the fireworks above you. You can choose a rooftop, a balcony, a bridge, a nearby building etc.

Spice up your photo

When shooting fireworks don’t just shoot the fireworks include some people, bridge or anything interesting in and around the location. Believe me this will add spice to your photos.try and capture the expressions of the people and children around watching the fireworks.  it will add a lot of astuteness to your images.

Flash off

Flash function in firework photography is a big NO! it is a myth that flash help in fireworks photography.but it is not so. Always keep the flash turned off in fireworks photography. Using a flash can end up producing over illuminated and unbaffled looking pictures. However you can use flash to piddle the spectators.

Set it right

Before hitting the location be sure that your camera is properly set up and prepared to go. Setting the camera in an automatic mode won’t work. You need to set in the manual mode and make adjustments with aperture,shutter speed, focusing , flash etc.

Shoot it up at the right time

Fireworks in something you can’t predict about. You never know  where and when it shows. You might not be lucky enough to get those perfect pictures. But you can try your luck . So be sure to use the self-timer function. It will help you to capture number of images in one go and you might end up being the luckiest person to get those shots right in your pocket!

Keep yourself going

Play with your camera. Take as much as scenes you can. A digital camera allows you to experiment again and again without hindering your pocket. It is rightly said you get best out of the waste, so you never know when and how he worst pictures you clicked turn out to be the best with some settings.

Keep distance

Needless to mention that you keep yourself at a reasonable distance from the fireworks. Some people are so passionate that they get so close to the fireworks that they end up not only losing their equipments but take a chance of their lives too.

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