Tips for Flowers Photography

Flower Photography

Flowers- a wonderful gift of nature!  All vibrant colors, shapes, size can be found in flowers. Flowers are the sign of beauty with lovely aroma in it. Capturing flowers is an art. You can use beautiful flower pictures for different purposes. You use it as beautiful wall hanging, use in websites, blogs etc. one tip- use it as your desktop background in your PC to uplift your mood. It will work! Presenting some useful tips to capture this gift of god into your camera so that u can cherish them ever and ever after.


Step down

Treat flowers as children. Just as we step down to the level of children to photograph them similarly we do it for flowers. Very often, it is seen that people look at flowers from above but that doesn’t really help them to excel in this field. So step down to see the difference.

Time to hit!

It is generally believed that there is never a wrong time to do the right thing. But wait! Flowers are the one of the beautiful gift of nature, so let the nature be at its best to shoot the flowers. The best day to shoot flowers is on a cloudy day. However, early mornings and early evenings are very good to click these beautiful creations. You can also try and shoot flowers at night by using different light generator. Aviod shooting during the midday when the sun is at its peak as it can overexpose your photo.

A tripod again!

Well you should carry a tripod if you are serious enough in taking those sharp images. Images of flowers can be obscured by even the slenderest movement of a hand held camera. Thus, for better results use a tripod. However alterations have to make in positioning and setting angles of the same. But to master this art you need to take the closest view of the same which can be possible by using a tripod.

Background matters.

An important feature in flower photography is its background. It is generally said choose your background first and foreground later. Choose a clean background and try to avoid white and bright yellows in backgrounds. Neutral colors and simple line in the background really works. Before presenting your photographs keep in mind it background matters a lot!

Light factor.

Light rules the game. Light has four properties. The tone, color, chroma and focus. The quality of the light can be hard or soft. The color sets up the humor of an image. Chrome is the volume of the color. To get wonderful pictures of flowers disseminate light option settings.


An eternal problem in flower photography is wind. It is natural cataclysm which can’t be derogated. All we can do is put some object in and around the subject to stop its movement or simply wait for the pause in the wind. Tying something static to the stem of a flower can be of help too.

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