Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait: a picture of a person’s appearance and character. Well this is another interesting topic in photography and is very challenging. Shooting portraits can be very interesting. The first thing that we do when we hold our camera is that we start taking pictures of yourself or our loved ones. Now what we can do to add more grace to your portraits is what we are going to learn from the below tips.

Shoot from different angle: Generally photographs are shooting from a position straight to the subject. Step down or move up to your subject. This will help you to create better looking portraits.

Eye positioning: it is very important for a photographer that his subject looks at the right place at the right time. Sometimes looking straight into the camera does not give those effects to your images. Making the subject look at the other side of the camera can give a more natural look to your portrait.

Play with the lights: adding lights to your portraits can be great. Keep experimenting with lights now and then. Use side-lightning, backlighting etc. which can add more beauty to your pictures. Moreover lights can make your images look more bright and full of life.

Comfort with camera: it is very important for you subject to be very comfortable with our camera. Make the subject relaxed so that it does not get conscious while the shoot is on or else it will show in your pictures. The subject should not be hesitant while shooting. Try to make it more real and natural.

Photograph candidly: we have observed at times that we the subject is posing for a photograph we do not get desired results. Shooting honestly will help. It simply means that let the subject be natural. You can shoot them while in the garden or at their work place also when spending time family and friends etc. subjects tends to be more natural and less conscious with the camera.

Using a prop: it may sound weird. Prop in portraits? But this is a great tip to add some more beauty to your portraits. Try to focus on the prop more than your subject. It will be an eye catcher. It will work!

Choose lenses: lens selection for different shoots is important. When you focus a particular part of the subject you need a lens whose focal length is long. Photographing a particular part of the subject can also leave an impressing remark on the viewer.

Framing the subject: framing can make your portrait more interesting. Place the subject at the window, a doorway or let them peep into something through their hands. All this are great frames for you pictures.

Shoot shoot and shoot: keep shooting with every angle till you get your desired result. Change you camera’s settings to continuous shooting mode. This will help you in presenting a number of images to choose upon. This technique works wonders with children and with moving objects.