Close Up Photography Tricks

Photographers that like shooting portraits depend on models for shoot on the other side landscape photographers and sports photographers also depends on the season or the place where sports are played respectively. But in close up photography you need not to depend on any season or model. No matter where you are at the moment.

What does close-up means?

Close–up means filling the frame with the subject only. A close-up isolates the subject from environment. All lenses are cameras are capable of taking close-up.

Some fascinating and attractive ideas for close-up photography

Macro or close up photographers can find suitable subjects anytime and anywhere. There are infinite subjects in the environment that may inspire you for close-up photography like a butterfly sitting on a flower, bird in a nest, spider, rain drops on leaves, morning dew on flower petals, your jewelry etc. All these things a good and exciting subject for photography.

The exceptional feature of close-up photography is the ability to see even minute details which you would never see in life. For example how often you get to see wasps with tiny hairs on their small bodies? You would not as we are scared from it.

For this kind of photography you can use digital camera. It gives better results than traditional cameras. If the photo does not come out as you want then just delete it and take another one.

Tricks for close-up photography:-

Trick 1:- Flash on mode

It is the greatest feature or trick which helps you take a good close-up photo. Flash on mode is under your control that whether you want or use it or not. This mode helps you to generate beautiful photo by adding enough flash to illuminate the subject.

Trick 2:- Macro lenses

One of the tricks is to use macro lenses. There are different types of lenses but for close-up photography these lenses are perfect. These lenses help you to focus on close objects nearby. It produces life-size images. Through these loans you are able to see even a small detail of the object. You can notice the smaller world in very fine way.

For obtaining good and fine picture you can use macro settings which alter the formula and function of lens. Some digital macro cameras let you get as close as 2 cm.

Trick 3:- focal length

While choosing the lenses you should keep in mind the standard focal length of macro lenses. Short focal lenses are convenient to carry around as they are small and light. For taking life-size image this lens is positioned very closely to the object. An example of these lenses is the EF-S60mm f/ 2.8 macro.

Trick 4:- large memory space

This will help you to shoot more number of images and maximizes your camera’s capability. So miss out the great shots and use camera to its full potential. In order to produce the best images use the camera’s highest quality compression.

Trick 5:- depth of field and focus

Sometimes you may not be able to focus on whole subject and this problem comes mostly when you are shooting outdoor. Thus you must choose and decide which part of the subject you would emphasize through sharp focus. Macro lenses help you to generate such a creative and interesting pictures that you can’t do with normal lenses.

There are ample of digital photography tricks to add to the quality of your images. You can obtain pictures that you would be proud to show to everyone.

Portrait Photography Tips

Portrait: a picture of a person’s appearance and character. Well this is another interesting topic in photography and is very challenging. Shooting portraits can be very interesting. The first thing that we do when we hold our camera is that we start taking pictures of yourself or our loved ones. Now what we can do to add more grace to your portraits is what we are going to learn from the below tips.

Shoot from different angle: Generally photographs are shooting from a position straight to the subject. Step down or move up to your subject. This will help you to create better looking portraits.

Eye positioning: it is very important for a photographer that his subject looks at the right place at the right time. Sometimes looking straight into the camera does not give those effects to your images. Making the subject look at the other side of the camera can give a more natural look to your portrait.

Play with the lights: adding lights to your portraits can be great. Keep experimenting with lights now and then. Use side-lightning, backlighting etc. which can add more beauty to your pictures. Moreover lights can make your images look more bright and full of life.

Comfort with camera: it is very important for you subject to be very comfortable with our camera. Make the subject relaxed so that it does not get conscious while the shoot is on or else it will show in your pictures. The subject should not be hesitant while shooting. Try to make it more real and natural.

Photograph candidly: we have observed at times that we the subject is posing for a photograph we do not get desired results. Shooting honestly will help. It simply means that let the subject be natural. You can shoot them while in the garden or at their work place also when spending time family and friends etc. subjects tends to be more natural and less conscious with the camera.

Using a prop: it may sound weird. Prop in portraits? But this is a great tip to add some more beauty to your portraits. Try to focus on the prop more than your subject. It will be an eye catcher. It will work!

Choose lenses: lens selection for different shoots is important. When you focus a particular part of the subject you need a lens whose focal length is long. Photographing a particular part of the subject can also leave an impressing remark on the viewer.

Framing the subject: framing can make your portrait more interesting. Place the subject at the window, a doorway or let them peep into something through their hands. All this are great frames for you pictures.

Shoot shoot and shoot: keep shooting with every angle till you get your desired result. Change you camera’s settings to continuous shooting mode. This will help you in presenting a number of images to choose upon. This technique works wonders with children and with moving objects.

Top Ten Digital Photography Tips

Good photography is not only the result of good camera; through even a simple camera you can click a nice shot. A beautiful and good image is the result of great photographer not camera. For taking some fabulous and great picture you just need little knowledge and enthusiasm to make adjustment. Thus in this way will be able to take nice picture even from simplest digital camera.

Here are the top ten digital photography tips which will enable you to take some shots like professional-

Tip 1- warm up those tones

When you are outdoors photograph and sunny landscape, then change your settings from auto to cloudy. Through this adjustment you will get more beautiful picture as there it increase the reds and yellows , makes the picture more warmer and richer. You can check this by comparing the photos taken in white balance on auto and cloudy setting.

Tip-2 sunglasses polarizer

For adding some more punch to your photos you can choose polarizer filter. This filter is very useful for the photographer for taking picture of scenery or outdoor shooting. It reduces the unwanted reflection and glare. These filters have more saturated colors especially on sky. If your digital camera cannot accommodate filters then don’t get upset. Just use your set of sunglasses as polarizer filter. Place the sunglasses as close to the camera lens as possible. For the best effect make sure that the sun is over either right or left shoulder.

Tip-3 Outdoors portraits that shine

The great feature of digital camera is the fill flash or flash on mode. Use the flash when you need it not when camera considers it appropriate. In flash on mode, firstly the background is exposed and then adds sufficient light to the subject. Thus with you can create a composition like professional. Even wedding photographers have been using this technique for years. Make sure that you don’t stand too far from the subject while using flash because in most built-in camera only have range of 10 ft or less.

Tip- 4 Macro Mode Madness

You must try macro mode while taking picture. With this mode even the simplest subject takes new fascination and it is very easy to do with digital camera. You must keep in mind that you have very shallow depth of field while using close-up mode. Focus only the part of the subject that is most important to you. This will help you to take some beautiful shots.

Tip-5 Tolerable tripod

For taking some good shots you require tripod. A tripod is a three-legged support and is very useful in taking certain types of shots. Sometimes you find it too difficult to carry it but for digital shooters there is good news that they can use UltraPod IIby Pedco. This very easy to carry as it gets fit in your back pocket and helps you to steady your camera in various situation.

Tip -6 Self Timers

This feature is very much helpful in taking picture at time of missing photographer. Almost every digital camera has this feature. Through this function you can delay the shot for 10 seconds. Thus try this for some magnificent work.

Tip-7 slow motion water

For creating a composition with running water you just need to open the camera shutter for few seconds or two. You need a tripod to steady the camera for the long exposure. You can even use the self timer or if your camera has an aperture priority setting then set the aperture to f-8, f-11, or f-16 if possible. This will cause the shutter to slow down and give you depth of field.

For getting better picture you can even use sunglasses in front of your camera’s lens and it will help you to create picture of water fall in shade instead of bright light

Tip-8 Use a plain background

While taking a shot make sure that background is acceptable. There should nothing growing out of head or ears of the subject.

Tip-9 massive media card

You must try to get additional memory card with you. This will help you to save a large number of pictures and can capture the moments without any tension of storage.

Tip-10 Put the sun behind you

The best place to shoot form is when the sun is behind you. The light form the front brings out the color and from the side it will create shadow.

By following these tips you can create some good and memorable composition. You can even tell everyone to that it’s not the camera responsible for excellent picture but it’s the photographer responsible for it.