Tips to Photograph Flowers

Photography is the hobby of millions of people and there are various subjects that you can use for photography. The most charming and creative subject on which most people enjoy photography are flowers. There are verities of beautiful and charming flowers which can attract you anytime and provoke you for photography. Flowers whether in a garden or in your vase, appeal everyone with its color and lovely shapes. By clicking photograph you can capture the flowers beauty is at peak. Sometimes even buds make a good photo.

For creating a good click you can use the software or Photoshop.  If some petals of the flower are damaged then at that time these tools are helpful. But in case you don’t have such tools, then make sure that the damaged petals and small insects are removed. You can take some spectacular and amazing photograph by just keeping some tips in your mind.

Here some tips to help you in making your flower pictures more charming and charismatic-

Tip 1-Use of simple background-

Before taking a picture, make sure that the background is plain or non- competing back ground. You can also place a black card board or pleasing colored card board behind the flower. Simple background is used so that your flower do not get overshadow.

Tip 2- Get close

You must use close-up focusing mode to get close up and clear picture. In digital camera you can use display screen to create the picture. For devoted and committed photographers accessory close-up is obligatory. It helps you to take good and attractive picture. If you have software to crop the photograph then can use it to create a nice picture.

Tip 3- Shoot at different angles

You must shoot from different angles, as for creating attractive pattern of daises you must shoot down. You should kneel down to the level of flower and can make good click of flowers like tulip and daffodils.

Tip 4-Use creative lighting

You need good light to create good picture of flower. The flash of the camera won’t project the flower well. So you need some backlighting shining through flowers. It gives an appealing glow to the flower.

Tip 5 -Control the wind

Wind can flip your flowers like tulip. Thus in this case bring the flower inside and put it in vase and place it near the window. You can use the card board to block the wind. Click the photograph form such angle that it does not come in the photograph or use colored card board. It can serve as back ground.

Tip 6- water droplets

Water drops on the petals of the flower are an amazing addition. It reflects light and other images. You can also use small spray bottle for creating droplets. But, make sure that you and your camera is not visible in the droplets.

Tip 7- insects

You can also add bugs like bees etc on flowers to create a charming picture. It adds life to the flower and dimension of motion.

There are plenty of tips to photograph the flowers which can be used for creating magnificent photographs.  By using all these tips you can produce some wonderful picture of flowers and can show it your friends and relatives.

Photography tips for firework- Take some magnificent shots

Fireworks are used to celebrate various occasions like wedding, New Year or some other event. It is a nice and different way to show your merriment. There are many people who want to take picture of firework so that they can cherish the memories in future. Taking picture of firework is not any easy task but you can do it by just following few tips. So here are some of the tips for photographing firework-

Tip 1 – Use tripod

You require two important parts to carry for the shoot of fireworks. The first one is solid tripod. It helps you to steady your camera and take a good shot. Manfrotto 055XPROB provide very good feature of professional expensive model in lower price.

Tip-2 remote

You may require remote for you camera model. It helps you to trigger your camera shutter without touching it. It is helpful when you are shooting at night sky and you have to open shutter for several seconds thus in situation you can use remote without touching the camera.

Tip-3 Do not use flash

While photographing fireworks you don’t have to use flash. It does not help to capture fireworks at distance. Flash is used to light the subject but in firework it is not required.

Tip-4 Site Scouting

It is also one of the most useful for capturing firework display. You must find out the location that has a direct line of sight to where the fire work will be displayed and avoid obstruction. You also add extra elements to your work of art, as firework display is sometime help over a lake so you can catch the reflection on the water. This will help you to take a good picture.

Tip -5 set to manual setting

It is a special kind of photography and you have to get in the manual world. You need to take care to lens focus and exposure. You must adjust the focus to the infinity.

Tip-6 Showtime

This is the key feature of capturing great images of exciting firework display. Use camera remote while taking picture, it will help you to take some fantastic photos without any faults. You must leave the shutter open for too long.

Tip-7 use manual exposure

You must try few shots first as show begins then judge your photos and adjust the exposure. The sky must appear dark and colors to be saturated and too exposed. You must start your exposure just before the explosion and keep it open till the colors fade.

Tip-8 shot lots of variety

You must tray lots of shots by zooming in and out. Shoot vertical or horizontal pictures also. You can also move to different points so that you get different perspective.

Tip-9 Enjoy!

Last but not the least! You must enjoy the show while taking photos because you are there to have a good time and some capture some good work.

It is a great fun of taking picture of firework. It takes little time and practice to capture good photographs, so follow the tips for capturing some mesmerizing pictures.