Tips on Macro Photography

An interesting subject is photography is macro photography. It helps you to dig into the world in small. Mother earth has created number of creatures that are still in cue to be picturised. Spiders, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, flowers etc. these are all very interesting subjects to shoot. But before you start it is very important to know all the details of macro photography. The tips given below will help to get started.

Choosing Flash
When shooting for macro photography it is advisable to use s ring flash. You can also opt for twin light flash. Choosing this way will help to have a speed that is reasonable. At the same time it enables a high aperture for the shoot.

Focus it right
When doing macro photography it is always advisable to use manual focus. It will help you to get desired results or else your camera will be toiling away to locate the subject if you use automatic flash. Best way is to lock the manual focus as soon as you are through with its settings. Now you are all set to shoot the subject. Manual focus work wonders while shooting insects.

To avoid any unforeseen circumstance you must always be ready with some other alternatives. Extension tubes are the best answer for the same. These tubes are cheaper and hence there will be no burden in your pocket. Placing these tubes or any other such equipment properly in the camera will give you the desired results.

Avoid shaky hands
It will be a great idea to use a tripod for macro photography. If you have shaky hands you must use a tripod. It enables you to shoot faster which is very important for macro photography. Using a tripod in a garden where there is shade in the spot will work wonders. Handheld camera at times does not produce sharp images.

Always have a hunger for looking at new subjects. Explore almost all the small things in and around you. Shoot them every now and then. This is all that macro photography teaches you. Make all those small things look beautiful. Add such beauty to them as if no one has ever imagined them to be. Keep exploring and you will some definitely end up mastering macro photography!

Early birds
Many experienced photographer’s advice to shoot in early mornings. This is because the sunlight is very low and the chances of flare are very less. Details of the subject can be captured which cannot be seen in bright daylight. The sunlight a t time overshadows the small details of the subject. However some photographers think otherwise. They find it perfect to shoot in bright sunlight. Well, this is a mixed opinion. To justify it will be better to shoot both ways and see the difference.

While shooting macro always be aware of the background. It sometimes happens that when we get close to shoot the object the background is eliminated. Try not to eliminate any important part which is going to effects your photography but at the same time delete anything that will distract the subject.